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Violin, violas, celli, and bassi are available from many sources today: internet sellers, big box stores, and general “all things musical” stores.  They are most often rented and sold by salesmen who don’t actually play, teach, or, often, have any idea what qualities an instrument should possess.  A student equipped with an instrument of inadequate quality, or set up to poor standards, will quickly lose interest in trying to learn to make music. Check out this article on the subject.

While affordable, our beginner and rental instruments are of high quality and carry the same warrantee as all of our more advanced instruments.  These “Symphony” model instruments are set up to the same stringent standards as our more advanced and professional instruments.  Pegs, fingerboards, strings, bridges, and bows are all adjusted, repaired, or replaced to meet our expectations.  We guarantee that they will perform as they should, and will not hinder the student's musical enjoyment.

The rental instruments of Custom Strings are renowned to educators throughout the greater Spokane and Coeur d’Alene area for their quality, play-ability, and value. We are able to accurately assist you in choosing the correct size instrument for your student.

Violin  $25/mo.

All of our rentals come with:
•  Instrument, bow, and case/bag.
•  Instrument insurance.
•  6 months of rent applies towards purchase.
•  The price of the outfit does NOT inflate if it is purchased with rental credit.
•  Free periodic tuning and adjustment.
•  Free resizing.

Instruments purchased from Custom Strings may be traded in towards the next size up, or for more advanced instruments.  The traded-in value is between 75% and 100% of the original purchase value of the instrument.  Significant damage to the instrument, case or bow may result in a lower trade-in value.