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Almost everyone thinks about having an instrument made especially for them. Maybe its the thought of their violin achieving its potential by their hand, and then enduring for hundreds of years.  In the same way a fine suit is tailored to the wearer, a custom instrument is adjusted to the player. You worry less about all the little corrections you need make, and are free to focus on the sound you wish to achieve.

Not only can the feel, and voice be chosen, but often many unique features that personalize an instrument can be custom made to your preferences. Much of what we have come to know and accept about the design of the violin family was established by the instruments of Andrea Amati, but many liberties in design may be taken while still keeping complete tonal functionality of the instrument.

F-holes aren't only limited to Strad or Guarneri style, or even the "f" shape......nor are they the only way of letting sound out of the instrument.

Scroll from a viola nick-
named "the Whale",
though for different
Scroll from a
5 stringed
Scroll using
a teardrop
Scroll with a
standard "double
curl" but without
a bottom and
only a single
scroll from a
5 stringed
viola, but
with a wave.

Three violas showing a range of rib depth from a more standard 38mm on the left to a doubled 75mm on the right."The Whale" exhibits a unique f-hole (or blow hole) in addition to a greatly enlarged body volume.  The sound is remarkable.